About Us

Exploring the underwater world is a real privilege and we would love to share our adventures and travels with you.

Diving together as a community and sharing the same passion for diving is what Phoenix divers is all about. Marine life Conservation and Protection is one of our core values, as well as ocean cleanup and awareness programmes in which we participate on a regular basis.

Our Phoenix Divers instructors are qualified PADI Instructors, with over 30 years of scuba diving experience, and we pride ourselves in thorough and comprehensive training for each client and have a high regard for one-on-one and small group quality training.

Passionate about teaching people to become the best and safest scuba divers, that they possibly can be, by using the world renowned and accredited PADI system, that has been proven the best scuba diving system in the world.

We maintain a very high level of quality, not only in our training, but as well as in our gear. You can buy gear through Phoenix, and we'll make sure you get all the proper equipment you need for every speciality training you do. Custom fitting your gear and your course that you choose is a standard procedure. You can also have your gear checked and serviced with Phoenix Divers.  

Apart from excellent training, we also pride ourselves as a well established travel partner, where you can indulge in your biggest adventures and dive anywhere in the world from local to international. We have a very well established team of travel partners on board.  We will gladly assist you in planning the best diving holiday of your dreams. From plains, trains, busses and taxis to bunk beds, 5 star suites and even hammocks.