Phoenix Internship

Zero to Hero

Do you want to join the amazing world of SCUBA and all the opportunities that it has to offer?

Imagine a career where you enjoy what you do for a living, where you get to travel, explore and introduce people to the underwater world, where the ocean could be a simple grasp away or work locally where you are able to travel with clients to new, exciting and exotic diving destinations. Share your own passion for the underwater world with others by enriching their lives and introducing a new sense of adventure.

Through this program we will help mold you to being an effective Instructor, a mentor for many, how to recognize problems before they appear, how to manage students and how to empower them and help them overcome fears. You will also learn the ins and outs of gear sales, servicing, organizing courses, trips, and proper customer relations, as well as how to manage stressful situations underwater and above water.

About Phoenix Divers:

Diving together as a community and sharing the same passion for diving is what Phoenix Divers is all about. Marine life Conservation and Protection is one of our core values, as well as ocean cleanup and awareness programs in which we participate on a regular basis.

With over 30 years of scuba diving experience, we pride ourselves in thorough and comprehensive training for each client and have a high regard for one-on-one and small group quality training each tailored specifically to that individual.

We are passionate about teaching people to become the best and safest scuba divers, that they possibly can be, by using the world renowned and accredited PADI system, that has been proven the best scuba diving system in the world.

Apart from excellent training, we also pride ourselves as a well-established travel partner, where you can indulge in your biggest adventures and dive anywhere in the world from local to international. We have a very well-established team of travel partners on board.  We will gladly assist you in planning the best diving holiday of your dreams. From planes, trains, busses, and taxis to bunk beds, 5-star suites and even hammocks.

At Phoenix we aim to provide you the tools to be able to go out in the world and be able to apply all that you have learned wherever you are and by being able to make a success out of any and every situation by equipping you with real life knowledge and experience.


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is a recreational diving membership and diver trainer organization. Worldwide, more people learn to dive using the PADI System of diver education than with any other recreational scuba programs. The PADI System allows divers to progress at their own pace and encourages them to take continuing education programs that enhance their participation, enjoyment, and safety. PADI Instructors and the PADI System of diver education are the benchmarks against all other instructors and certification organizations are measured.


  • Instructor

  • Sales/Retail/Marketing

  • Entrepreneur

  • Tour Guide/Eco Tourist

  • Equipment Repair Technician/Manufacturer/Importer

  • Boat/Live Abroad Operator

  • Business Management

  • Film Industry and Professional Photography

  • Dive Resort Owner/Manager

  • Editor/Website/Graphic Designer

  • Travel Wholesaler


This program is highly customizable according to what you want to achieve and in what time you would like to achieve your goal. We have a 3-month and a 6-month option each with its own courses and skillset that you will learn.

For each option you would be doing the following diving courses:

  1. Open Water Diver (allows diving to 18m)

  2. Advanced Open Water Diver (allows diving to 30m)

  3. Emergency First Response (teaches you to prevent and manage problems)

  4. Care for Children (teaches you to prevent and manage problems)

  5. Rescue Diver (teaches you to prevent and manage problems)

  6. Divemaster (allows you to lead dives and assist Instructors with training)

We would recommend the following optional diving courses:

  1. Deep Diver

  2. Nitrox Diver

  3. Oxygen Provider

  4. Fish ID

  5. Shark Aware

  6. Wreck

  7. Underwater Naturalist

  8. Full Face Mask

  9. Sidemount

  10. Boat Diver

  11. Equipment Specialist

These courses although they may be optional they enable you to be more employable and boost your own knowledge, however we would suggest the 6-month option to allow enough time to complete all the training and gain the right experience:

During each course you will be working alongside one of our Phoenix Instructors and gain the knowledge in both the fashion of a student and instructor thus allowing you to be able to advise future clients and divers on the appropriate courses and what each course entails as to fit each person’s own unique needs.

This program includes the following:

  1. Dive Gear Rental for all courses, training, and trips.

  2. 2 coastal trips with the 3-month program.

  3. 4 coastal trips with the 6-month program.

  4. Leading Dives and clients

  5. All subsequent training and dives at Miracle Waters.

  6. Equipment servicing and maintenance.

  7. Knowledge in sales.

  8. Knowledge in trip and course organizing.

  9. Open Water Diver

  10. Advanced Open Water Diver

  11. Emergency First Response

  12. Care for Children

  13. Rescue Diver

  14. Divemaster

  15. Self-Development courses

  16. General maintenance and handy-man skills

  17. Risk Assessment

  18. Invoicing and Quotation skills

By doing this program we enable you to be able to enter any work situation whether it be diving related or not, with knowledge and skills to confidently work and add value wherever you are and to enhance your own potential to be the best you according to your own strengths.

We at Phoenix have meticulously crafted this program and can shift skills around according to what would fit each individual best and allow you to grow and find your own footing in the ever-changing world, there may be times where things will be difficult but it is all apart of growth and we want to see and help each individual flourish.