Why Care?

It is widely known that our oceans are in dire need, and we as divers and non-divers can make a change no matter how small, it is well known that a big factor is plastic, over fishing and pollutants, but where do we start?

As divers we love underwater world and all that entails it, from the animals, corals to micro organisms and we are lucky to have some pristine beaches and waters here in South Africa however even here we are starting to feel a bit of pressure of what is happening around the world.

But that is not to say all is lost, plastic straws were a big factor and now multiple places have banned them and swapped to more environmentally friendly options, it took a small amount of people to start a movement which made a big impact.

PADI is in the forefront of actively assisting in conservation programs that anyone can be apart of, such as the following:


  • Publicly funded NGO with 3 registered Charities across the globe

  • Drives local action for global ocean conservation

  • Assists with citizen science, public policy and community grants

  • Strives towards a collective vision to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean

Green Fins:

  • Offers low-cost and practical solutions to local and industry-wide environmental challenges

  • Has education and capacity-building assistance to empower environmental champions

  • Shares a vision to make sustainable diving and snorkeling the social norm

  • Strives to improve the health of coral reefs across the global ocean

 PADI Adopt the Blue:

  • Provides provides multiple pathways for PADI operators, professionals, divers and other ocean enthusiasts to get actively involved in conservation at both the local and global level

  • Lets you participate in underwater citizen science

  • Lobbies and advocates local governments

  • Supports in-country projects and campaigns

  • Helps with organizing volunteers for conservation events

Links about ocean conservation - if you have any more you think we should add let us know!