Report an encounter

We aim to assist the documentation of animals and understanding their movement patterns of them to determine how we can assist in the caring and understanding of these amazing creatures.
You to can help by submitting any photos of Manta Rays, Whales and Sharks to the following sites, to help us document their movement and be notified when that same animal has been sighted at another area.

Taking an ID photo

Manta Ray

Aim your camera at the manta ray’s underside. If you can, try to take a photo/video that includes its entire underside. However, manta ray encounters are often brief and it might not be possible to fit the entire manta ray into the frame; in this case it is most important to aim for the primary ID area (between the gills in the reef manta, and on the belly of the oceanic manta).

Manta Ray Submission


Flukes need to fill at least 50% of frame and at least 50% of fluke shown; Flukes need to be as near perpendicular to the water as possible and ventral side for ID.

Whale Submission


  • The ID area required is between the 1st dorsal fin and the gills

  • The ID area should be clear of fish or other marine life

  • Keep the photo angle as level and flat with the shark as possible

  • The left side of the shark is preferred, get both left and right sides if possible

  • Photograph any other distinguishing attributes. These include bite marks, fin damage or other scarring

Shark Submission