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Aqualung Argonaut Stunt Spartan Tip

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  • The Argonaut Knife — one of the best and toughest knives—is available in a smaller version called the Argonaut Stunt.
  • The butt, handle, hilt and blade are all fashioned out of one piece of 4mm thick 420 Stainless Steel. Then coated in black EDP, sharpened and laser etched.
  • The handle is then wrapped, twice, in 5mm paracord and tied off with a 12.7cm leash. 2mm thick Kydex plastic is then heated and thermoformed around the knife to make the sheath.
  • The sheath comes attached to a 2” belt loop and with BC mounting hardware.
  • The Spartan comes to a spear head point with one side featuring rounded die cut serrations to prevent snags on rope.