Aqualung Axiom - M
Aqualung Axiom - M
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Aqualung Axiom - M

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The Aqualung Axiom BCD provides the perfect balance between freedom of movement, fit, comfort and functionality thanks to a list of new features.

A unique feature of the Axiom BCD is the integrated Wrapture harness system which provides better stability and support. With swiveling quick release shoulder straps which are secured closer towards the back to provide a more open but more secure fit, helping to prevent the BCD from rolling sliding on the body.

The Axiom BCD standard cam band tank buckle has been replaced with a new GripLock system on the Axiom. It allows to set and forget the buckle setting after the initial fitting. Minor adjustments are easily made via a velcro secured strap next to the buckle to make alterations for different cylinders simple. A safety feature has been integrated to prevent injury to fingers when tightening the clamp.

The Aqualung Axiom BCD has all the traditional features including valve retention strap, gauge and octopus pouches, flat e-valves (dump valves) to reduce snags, a knife attachment point and integrated SureLock II weight system.

If you want a quality BCD that is durable, stylish and does not lack on comfort than look no further than the Aqualung Axiom BCD.

“We use the Axiom BCD on everyday work as Divemasters and Instructors at the Solitary islands.” “A great BCD to give your perfect control in the water”

The Axiom BCD Features:

  • The Axiom’s Wrapture™ harness system gives you superior comfort.
  • The Aqualung Axiom BCD is fitted with low profile flat e-valves for streamline diving.
  • Axiom’s GripLock™ tank band and buckle system to give better comfort on your back.
  • Aqualung Axiom is fitted with SureLock II integrated weight pouches.
  • Bladder retraction system to allow easy dumping of air.
  • The Axiom BCD has an adjustable chest strap that can be raised or lowered on a rail system.
  • Octo-Pocket is integrated to allow the perfect octopus regulator placement.
  • The Axiom BCD has a knife attachment point for the Squeezelock Knife.
  • The Axiom BCD has five stainless steel D-rings to secure equipment.
  • Two plastic D-rings.
  • Right shoulder pull dump for rapid deflating of the BCD.
  • Rolled neck collar for comfort.