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Sea & Sea Sea Arm 8 Ball Clamp II

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  • Add an external strobe or video light to your underwater photo/video camera and housing system with the help of the Sea Arm 8 Ball Clamp II from Sea & Sea.
  • It connects two SA8 ball mounts together, allowing you to add a lighting arm to your camera tray’s grip handle or extend an arm that’s already in place by adding another section.
  • You can also use the clamp to attach a strobe or video light mount to the end of such an arm.
  • This second version of the clamp improves on the design of the original, providing two settings for the opening to suit different requirements or preferences.
  • Position A places the jaws closer together, enabling greater stability and limiting the range of motion of the joint and arm to 10°. Position B spreads the jaws further apart, increasing the range of motion to 60° to allow for various lighting angles–while still affording the same stability as the original SA8 clamp.